Launched on World Oceans Day in 2016, the Sea Youth Rise Up Campaign is a collaborative effort to empower and mobilize young people to stand up for the oceans.

Sea Youth Rise Up is a collaborative effort facilitated by The Ocean Project and the World Oceans Day network in partnership with Big Blue & You and the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit.

As a seemingly untapped reservoir of ideas, voices, and passion, the youth of the world are essential to protecting the environment. The campaign selects the best and brightest youth leaders from around the globe and gives them the resources through which to impassion their peers. Sea Youth Rise Up creates catalysts for change and provides a platform for youth to express their ideas and magnify their environmental advocacy efforts. With nearly half of the world’s population under the age of 25, it is imperative that young people step up as leaders at an early age -- engaged in a solutions oriented approach to ocean conservation.