Rachel Fink, 2019

“Being a Sea Youth Rise Up delegate was an incredible experience for me, as a young environmentalist because I had the chance to see conservation action from a completely new perspective. It was also one of the few youth initiatives in which I did not feel that my presence was tokenistic but rather essential and welcome.”

Gabriella Schauber, 2016

“Sea Youth Rise Up has left me with a sense of community and teamwork. There are so many amazing people who are working on small pieces of a very large puzzle. At times, I have wondered if what I do in my community makes any difference at all, or whether it’s worth it in the long run. Following Sea Youth Rise Up, I can say with confidence that what each and every person does, no matter how small the scale, has an important impact.”


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Max Roberts, 2017

“I walked away from the weekend with a much more optimistic attitude towards the future of our ocean. I was left speechless by the immense passion for a cleaner earth that I saw in kids even younger than me. The youth involved were some of the most brilliant and passionate I had ever had the pleasure of meeting, but most importantly they were good people, pursuing what they love.”

Grace Doleshel, 2019

“After talking with legislators on the hill and networking with experienced people in the field, I realized how important environmental communicators are, what type of jobs are available within the field of environmental communications, and how environmental policy and communications connects science to the rest of the world. Coming home I feel so much more prepared for my both my academic and professional futures, and confident in myself and my work.”